The Blossom Avenue: For Better Human Living
  • The Blossom Avenue: For Better Human Living

The Blossom Avenue: For Better Human Living

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 The story of the activities undertaken by Marco Facchinetti and Marco Dellavalle over the last ten years in the spheres of sustainable architecture and urban planning.  
Marco Facchinetti and Marco Dellavalle have put forward incisive plans and projects built up around the two key concepts of design and feasibility, which prove truly capable of modifying reality, at least on the local scale. 

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The reflections developed and the projects illustrated here show how planning is able, through the use of design and of correct, effective procedures of implementation, to affect local realities by creating evolutionary scenarios in which progress ensures virtuous productions, new episodes of urban quality in often fragmented areas and new ways of making the most of what already exists. In this way, planning can always be synonymous with evolution for the contexts to which it is applied.

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